Intraoral digital scanner

Digital Impressions

At our dental office, Dr. Vigarny Arguello and Dr. Vicente Lau use the 3shape and Dentsply Sirona intraoral camera to better view the inside of your mouth. This camera allows our dentists to take color, 3D images of your teeth, which help us provide more precise care. Learn more about intraoral cameras in Margate, Florida, by calling Arguello Dentistry at 954-532-1274 and scheduling an appointment with us.

Dentistry has evolved over time and with the advancement in technology it has skyrocketed to a higher height. It has absolutely rekindled my love for dentistry. Why? Because when you deliver the best results, you dont want your work to be in vain due to factors you cant control (physical impressions, physical stone pour ups, human errors in the lab)

The use of our intra oral scanners has improved because the previous methodology used had many flaws than credits. Some of its flaws include;

  1. It was time-consuming- it would take quite some time for the dentist to capture the correct dental impression and mold it to patient’s perfection.

  2. It would make the patient uncomfortable- the old technique for was quite messy, and it led to the discomfort of the patient.

  3. It was inaccurate- More often than not a patient would be required to come more than once to the dental clinic for the recapture of his dental contours for accurate molding. But at the end of the day, the impression formed is inaccurate to the patient.

  4. It was not pleasant- Often the patient would gag or be left with an unpleasant aftertaste in their mouth.

The benefit to dental patients

  • Time saver – Unlike the previous technology used in dentistry, IOS has proved to be fast thus saves time. The advent of intraoral scanner makes the patient not to sit in the dentist chair for hours to get treatment. It is equally fast especially in the first stages of dental treatment.

  • Safe – During scanning process there is no harmful radiation emitted thus being safe to the patient being treated.

  • Accurate – The scanner is accurate in the sense of producing and capturing the exact shape, color and contours of your teeth thus enabling the dentist to give appropriate and accurate treatment.

  • Comfort – Unlike the old molding technique which was quite messy, the patient was forced to sit with a large rubber-like material in the mouth for about fifteen minutes. It led to patients gagging and some choking leading to great discomfort. This technique has proved to be quite comfortable as the patient’s teeth are being scanned in a matter of very few minutes of the patient’s time.



Used for

  • Crowns

  • Clear Aligners

  • Dentures

  • Diagnostics

  • Occlusal Adjustments