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Here, you can learn more about our dentists, team and philosophy. We are committed to your dental health are excited to help you achieve your oral health goals. 

Why work with us?

Giving 100% in Every Action

This was an important lesson that was taught to me when I was 14 years old.
My uncle asked me to help him wash his car from him. As we were cleaning the car, he told me to clean in areas that no one would ever see, like the engine and above the tires.
I said, “No one is going to see it, why should we clean it?” He explained that he asked for my help to clean the car. Neglecting to clean those parts was leaving the job incomplete. Often during dental procedures, I see portions of the mouth that other practitioners have neglected. I make sure to take care for these areas even though the patient might not know that these extra steps are being taken to achieve optimal results.

So why do I do it?

Because it is the right thing to do.

Even if my patients never understand or appreciate the extra effort

I refuse to compromise the work even slightly for a substandard result.

I want to give 100%

of my best effort because that is what I would want for myself.

Being 100% Honest and Transparent

This seems obvious, but we have seen many offices lose patients because they use scare tactics and exaggerate situations to meet a arbitrary quotas. Honesty is telling the truth even if it does not benefit you directly. We know its crucial for our patients to understand the diagnosis, treatment and prevention. 


Learning from Success and Mistakes/Working as Unit

Research any successful team and you will see the individual members work as a single unit in harmony. As a team, we understand that everybody has responsibilities, but we are willing to lend a hand so each task is never viewed as a burden. We trust each other to complete each of our assigned tasks and to support the rest of our team. We do our work freely and are satisfied knowing that we have helped our patients’ lives be better.
Other offices place profits above care, which will lose the trust of patients.  When we commit to doing a job we love, simply because we love it and have the skill and knowledge to complete it, the profits handle themselves.
We treat each patient with love and compassion creating an environment where trust can flourish. Our patients understand that the treatments we recommend are in their best interests.


We understand that for some patients going to the dentist can seem difficult. This can be because of past negative experiences (ex: hurried practitioners, inferior work, being taken advantage of or pain). We help our patients overcome their fears by giving them the therapeutic tools they need to allow them to achieve new positive experiences replacing the bad ones. We provide high-quality work and compassionate care that you can trust.

— Dr. Vigarny A. Arguello