Porcelain Veneers in South Florida

What do you not like about your smile? Do you have discoloration of your teeth? Or are your teeth cracked, chipped, and you have unwanted gaps or spaces between your teeth? We want you to have a confident smile. One that is natural and one that you can be proud of. If you have any of these issues – you could be a perfect candidate for veneers. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that a cosmetic dentist puts on top of your teeth to give your smile a more aesthetic look. For more information, call our dental offices today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Vigarny Arguello or Dr. Vicente Lau.

Dental veneers and crowns are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that are custom made to fit over teeth. A cosmetic veneer covers only the front of your tooth, whereas a crown covers the entire tooth. They can be used to fix chipped, stained, misaligned, worn down, uneven or abnormally spaced teeth. These cosmetic options may be beneficial for those who want a long-term solution to persistent cosmetic concerns and haven’t responded well to other dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, braces, or retainers. Cosmetic veneers and crowns are among the most popular cosmetic dental treatments today!

Advantages of Veneers:

  • It’s fast. An entire smile can be changed in just 2 visits 

  • Crooked teeth can be corrected to produce a more perfect smile.

  • Gaps between teeth can be easily closed with porcelain veneers.

  • Natural teeth weakened by old or broken fillings can now be strengthened by this process.

  • The natural tooth structure is preserved and the surrounding soft tissues remain untouched.

  • Permanent stains such as those caused by antibiotics administered during childhood can be completely masked.

What can I expect during a cosmetic veneer or crown procedure?

First, your dentist will remove a small amount of the tooth surface to permit placement of the veneer. Then an impression is taken of the tooth and sent to the dental laboratory. The dental veneer is then made to fit the tooth and mouth. Finally, the veneer is bonded to the tooth with resin cement.

How long do cosmetic veneers or crowns last?

On average, cosmetic veneers and crowns last about 10-15 years. Of course, veneers, like natural teeth, are still susceptible to damage. Can they last longer? Of course, one of the key elements that we strive for is to make sure we design and use materials that will make them last longer than the average.