Dr. Vigarny Arguello and Dr. Vicente Lau are proud to use laser therapy. Lasers are used to

-Gingival Troughing for Crown Impressions; 

-Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

-Gingival Incision and Excision; Hemostasis and Coagulation

-Excisional and Incisional Biopsies

-Soft-Tissue Crown Lengthening and Fibromal Removal-Frenectomy and Frenotomy-Implant Recovery and Exposure of Unerupted Teeth

-Incision and Drainage of Abscess

-Pulpotomy as an Adjunct to Root Canal Therapy and Reduction of Gingival Hypertrophy

-Operculectomy and Vestibuloplasty-Leukoplakia and Oral Papillectomies

-Treatment of Canker Sores, Herpetic and Aphthous Ulcers of the Oral Mucosa

-Sulcular Debridement

-Laser Soft-Tissue Curettage

-Removal of Highly Inflamed Edematous Tissue Affected by Bacteria Penetration of the Pocket Lining and Junctional Epithelium

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