Tissue Augmentation

While we focus on the health and appearance of our teeth, we sometimes let the care of our gums and jawbone fall to the wayside. However, the health of these supporting structures is essential to your overall oral health. That’s why some patients who have declining oral health require tissue augmentation.

What is Soft Tissue Augmentation?

Decay, trauma, and even aging can lead to a decline in the health and durability of your gums and supporting dental structures. Gum recession can lead to the exposure of delicate parts of teeth, leaving them vulnerable to more damage. Tissue augmentation involves your dentist taking tissue from another part of the mouth to cover and restore the existing damage.

What is a Bone Graft?

Underneath it all, you have your jawbone. This is meant to be a durable foundation for your teeth and gums. However, as we get older, a decrease in strength and density can occur. A bone graft involves augmenting bone from elsewhere to act as supplemental support and promote bone growth. This can help prevent other dental health issues, including tooth loss.

Why Do Patients Need Tissue Augmentation?

Whether it’s from trauma, decay, or aging, our mouths undergo changes as time goes on. Sometimes this results in the loss of integrity – especially in our gums and jawbone. Soft tissue augmentation and bone grafts can restore the health and function of declining structures. This can prevent more issues from arising.

Tissue augmentation can be a very important step in restoring your proper oral health and function. To learn more about this procedure and to schedule an appointment, please contact Arguello Dentistry at 954-532-1274.

Tissue Augmentation