The Dangers of cheap Dental treatment

Everyone is looking for ways to save money and a dental emergency/treatment may not seem like a priority but caution should be taken in this way of thinking. In our office we are constantly working to improve the quality of treatment and speed of care. We understand that time is money.

What should be understood is that high-quality dental work can be costly, but the greatest costs come from having to do the work more than once. We are constantly treating patients who need repair work done from more “affordable” dentist. We have put our pricing so that it’s affordable and still deliver high quality work.

There are many things to consider when choosing a dental office such as staff, cleanliness of the office, quality of work, rapport with the doctor, quality of materials used for example and we make it our mission to give the best in each regard.

Many patients who decide to go to another country to get their dental work done need to realize that the savings comes at a incredible price.. Excellent dentistry is affordable enough to negate the temptation of saving a few dollars.

One must always:

  • Consider the cost of the ticket
  • Consider the time off you must take.
  • Are adjustments needed for this treatment?
  • Are re-evaluations needed for this treatment?
  • You took the time off to fly back home or an exotic location, is sitting in a dental chair the best use of your time when visiting another country?

These truths don’t even need to be exclusive to traveling internationally. The same truths still hold to just finding a dentist in your own backyard. Many of my patients come from as far as Canada to be seen on a routinely because they see the value we deliver. Once you see that our office delivers excellent work and most importantly trust then you will agree that we are the office for you and your family. I welcome you to give us a chance.